Our Home - The Barossa

The Barossa and Eden Valleys were two of the earliest areas to be settled in South Australia, soon after European settlement in 1836. The British came first as farmers and landowners, and then the German speaking Silesian farmers and craftsmen, who brought with them a folk heritage of self sufficiency, a strong Lutheran faith and a tradition of winemaking. The combined influence – of hardworking German farmers and the ambitious British settlers created an interwoven Barossa culture which remains unique amongst Australian settlements.

Soon after settlement in 1842, the Barossa’s first wines were produced, with the main commercial growth taking place from the 1880s onward. Entrepreneurial British and Lutheran settlers built wineries and commenced selling their wines back to the vast marketplace of wine consumers in London. This local industry evolved along a different route from the traditional European practice of grower-winemakers. Although some growers did make wine for their own use, the majority sold grapes to the established wineries.

The region boasts over 750 grapegrowers who have combined their knowledge of the land and its climate with modern viticultural practice, creating a partnership with the 170 large and small wineries whose specialist skills make the most of this superb fruit.

The Barossa has a legendary reputation for its wine, and in particular for its generous, intensely flavoured Shiraz. But there is so much more – and not just other grape varieties, but a host of artisan specialities such as cheese, bread, cured meats, pickles and jams that have been proudly preserved from their European heritage. This is a community united by the fruits of the vine as well as a place of belonging. The Barossa offers friendship and warmth, idyllic landscapes and hand-crafted wines. It is a place of family, friends, tradition and laughter, and you are welcome to share the Barossa story.